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Bay Area Workers at Alsco Resoundingly Ratify New Agreement


On December 28, Local 350 members at the American Linen & Supply Company, also known as Alsco, resoundingly voted to ratify a new five-year collective bargaining agreement with only one dissenting vote from the 17-worker unit. The bargaining team was led by Local 350 Business Representative Robert Sandoval and Brother Eric Taylor, a 22-year veteran at Alsco. 

“Throughout the pandemic, it became evident that there were areas for significant improvement and language that could be shored up to enhance worker protections, including increasing recall rights, respecting seniority through the bidding procedure, shortening the break-in period for new hires and of course ensuring that our members received a significant increase in wages, pension, and increase in yearly employer contributions to the health & welfare for providing essential services,” Sandoval said.

This particular Alsco unit is the last remaining union linen and uniform-rental business shop based in San Francisco and serves restaurants, health care organizations, automotive industries, industrial facilities and more throughout the entire Bay Area.

“We are proud to represent this group of workers – they are just as important as any of our respective brothers and sisters in different industries. Without them, hospitals wouldn’t have been properly supplied and stocked. The businesses that were fortunate to remain open during the pandemic also relied heavily on these route sales representatives to ensure their work could operate properly. That point seemed to have been a bit lost at first with the employer during negotiations given the proposals they had made, but I am pleased to report that they came around to realize the importance of the work of our members and the value they bring to the community,” Sandoval said.

Highlights include the largest wage improvements the unit hasever seen with nearly a five percent increase upon ratification, with retroactive pay to November 1, 2021, and increases of varying percentages above three-and-a-half percent for the ensuing years. Additionally, the members will gain the largest pension contributions of almost eight percent the first year, with thirty cent increases each year thereafter.

“I’ve been in four (4) contract negotiations, and I’d just like to say thanks to Brother Sandoval’s persistence and ‘don’t settle for anything less than what our members deserve attitude.’”, says veteran driver Brother Taylor, “In the over twenty (20) years I’ve worked at ALSCO – this is hands down the best contract we’ve ever received. Thank you to Brother Sandoval and the rest of Local 350 for what you all do for us.”

Teamsters Local 350 was chartered on October 8, 1936 and represents members in the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry, Bakery & Laundry Division, and Public Sector Division.