2022 Workers’ Memorial Day Statement from General President Sean M. O’Brien

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Brothers and Sisters,

On April 28th, the labor movement honors the memory of workers whose lives were lost or who suffered injury or illness because of their work. I call upon our members to join in solidarity with all workers in this country and across the globe, to plan and participate in workplace and community events, ceremonies, and awareness campaigns to highlight the toll of dangerous workplace conditions on workers, their families, and loved ones.

On this Workers’ Memorial Day, we wish to recognize Teamster members and other essential workers who have kept America’s economy moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teamster members answered the call to keep the supply chain intact and provide critical services in many sectors, including health care, public transit, freight, UPS, public services, grocery and warehouse and many others represented by our great union. With so much of society coming to a standstill, Teamster members were the beating heart that kept the American economy in motion.

And just as the Teamsters never stopped working during the pandemic, we will never stop fighting to improve our members’ working conditions on the job. Nobody should have to risk their life while working to earn a living. Our union—by mobilizing the collective will of its members—will continue its efforts to assure that employers are held fully accountable for any harm that comes to American workers. Regulatory agencies must ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and enforcing occupational safety and health standards.

On this day of remembrance, the Teamsters Union renews its promise to continue our fight for fair, safe, and healthy workplaces. For this, we need your support, commitment and vigilance. Remember, YOU are the union. Together, we can keep moving forward in our fight for safe working environments and jobs that respect our health, safety and dignity.

In Solidarity,

Sean M. O’Brien