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Zen Leaf Workers Join Teamsters Local 777

Zen Leaf

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Teamsters Win Two Cannabis Locations in Two Days

(LOMBARD, Ill.) – Less than 48 hours after an organizing victory at the Verilife Call Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, Teamsters Local 777 yesterday announced that Cannabis Consultants at Zen Leaf in Lombard, Illinois have voted overwhelmingly to affiliate with the union.

“This a bottom-up movement of people demanding power to build the middle class in Illinois by ensuring that extremely profitable cannabis companies do right by those who are responsible for making them that way in the first place,” said Jim Glimco, President of Local 777. “The fact that so many cannabis workers are unionizing so quickly shows that the future of this field is very bright – not just for the shareholder class, but for those who make up the backbone of the industry.”

Erin Gallagher is one of the Zen Leaf Cannabis Consultants who supported the unionization drive at the company.

“This union is all about raising standards both for the employees and for the businesses themselves,” Gallagher said. “I am so excited. We’ve been working really hard at this, and we have good heads on our shoulders – this line of work isn’t just about getting high all day. For us, we really care about the industry and we really care about every person who walks in the door. We have a lot to offer and there’s some amazing growth coming, because we’re going to see a lot more unionization in this industry and even more employees are going to have a voice.”

Founded in 1937, Teamsters Local 777 represents workers in a wide variety of industries throughout the Chicago area. For more information, go to