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Teamsters Local 983 Files Charges Against Lamb Weston

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Union Alleges Company Engaged in Egregiously Unlawful Activity

(POCATELLO, ID) – Teamsters Local 983 has filed a complaint at the National Labor Relations Board against Lamb Weston in American Falls, Idaho. Local 983 represents workers at the food processing facility who prepare potato products for McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a wide variety of other companies.

The complaint alleges several charges against Lamb Weston. Among them are refusing to bargain with the union in good faith, disciplining workers for engaging in federally protected union activities, forcing staff to work 12 hour shifts with little to no advance notice, failing to recognize the union and much more.

“There’s no reason for the company to be so unreasonable during negotiations,” said LaWanda Ellsworth, Teamsters Local 983 Business Agent,. “The company has delayed our requests for meeting dates and information and there are a lot of issues that these workers want addressed – injuries, lack of respect, wages, benefits, excessive forced overtime, the need for family and work life balance; especially outsourcing. The company already hires temps and they’re looking to bring in prisoners who can legally paid be far less than minimum wage.”

Candice Abbey works at that Lamb Weston plant in American Falls. She said that a strong union contract is what’s best for everyone who works at the facility.

“Demanding hours, being rushed to complete a task within a certain amount of time, the mental and physical wear and tear on our bodies – that time is over,” said Abbey. “Having a strong contract means that we’re only asking for what is fair.”

Lamb Weston made over $3 billion in revenue last year. The average worker at the company makes 115 times less than its CEO, Tom Werner.

Founded in 1942, Teamsters Local 983 represents workers in a wide variety of industries throughout Eastern Idaho. For more information, go to