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Prairie Farms Workers Ratify First Contract with Teamsters Local 337

Prairie Farms LU 337

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(DETROIT) – Workers at Prairie Farms in Oak Park, Mich. And Romulus, Mich. have voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first five-year contract with Teamsters Local 337.

“Congratulations to all of these workers who stood strong and demanded that this company pay them what they deserve,” said Todd Lince, Local 337 President. “This is a perfect example of what people in the dairy industry can get by standing in solidarity to fight for their fair share.”

The workers first voted to organize with the Teamsters in July of last year. The inaugural collective bargaining agreement includes a number of substantial improvements. These include a minimum wage of $28.50 per hour and a maximum wage of $31.70 per hour in the final year of the contract. The workers also kept their company-funded retirement benefits.

Ryan Gannon has worked at Prairie Farms for 14 years and he served on the negotiating committee.

“We lost nothing and gained everything,” said Gannon. “To all of the other workers out there, when all else fails, call the Teamsters. You can only talk so much before you need some of that support, you have to have some muscle behind what you’re saying and what you’re doing. Otherwise, your employer won’t take you seriously.”

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