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Bueno Beverage Joins Teamsters Local 948

Bueno Beverage

Workers Overcome Vicious Anti-Union Campaign

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(VISALIA, Calif.) — Drivers, salesman and merchandisers at Bueno Beverage have voted to join Teamsters Local 948.

“This just shows that in both central California and all around the country, workers are starting to realize that they need the Teamsters if they want to force corporate America to keep the promises it makes,” said Luis Diaz, Local 948 Secretary-Treasurer. “These are the first of what will be many beverage workers to join the Teamsters throughout the San Joaquin Valley.”

The workers voted in favor of unionization in spite of a nasty union-busting effort that the company undertook. This included hiring an anti-union law firm, holding captive-audience meetings, forcing staff to listen to anti-union propaganda during pick-ups and deliveries, and even the unlawful termination of three pro-union workers. Local 948 has filed charges against the company at the National Labor Relations Board on their behalf.

“The company did everything they could to coerce the workers,” said Bobby Aguilar, a Teamster Organizer who used to work at the Bueno Beverage Visalia Facility. “They didn’t run and hide, though. They fought back and stood up for their right to form a union, and they are willing to do what it takes to fight for a fair contract that meets their needs and that of their families.”

Teamsters Local 948 represents over 4,000 workers in brewing, manufacturing and a wide variety of other industries.