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Teamsters Call for Voluntary Recognition at Hudson Pacific’s Newly Acquired Companies


Workers at Quixote, Zio Studio Services, and Star Waggons Seek Union Representation with Local 399

(LOS ANGELES) – Today, Teamsters Local 399 has formally submitted letters requesting voluntary recognition for almost 120 workers under Hudson Pacific Properties’ recently acquired companies: Quixote, Zio Studio Services, and Star Waggons. Since the purchase of these companies, the workers have reached out to Local 399 to seek protections in the workplace and improvements to their wages and benefits.

Hudson Pacific Properties is a West Coast real estate group that has expanded business into the motion picture industry. In 2021, Hudson Pacific acquired Zio Studio Services and Star Waggons. Workers at both companies provide transportation and logistics services to studio productions. Just this year, Hudson Pacific Properties acquired another major company, Quixote Studios.

The recent acquisitions and changes to business processes have motivated workers from all three companies to seek union representation by Local 399.

“First and foremost, we are proud of these workers and their resolve,” said Lindsay Dougherty, Principal Officer of Local 399 and Teamsters Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division Director. “Each unit has been essential to the growth and success of these companies. The workers who tirelessly give their time and talents on the job deserve the assurance that they will be protected and part of the next phase of growth. That is something only a collective bargaining agreement can provide. We are grateful to have their trust in this process.”

Local 399 has two existing contracts with Quixote Studios covering workers in the production vehicles department, and the grip and lighting department. The demand for union recognition is for cleaners and trailer manufacturing workers at Quixote’s Penrose location.

Local 399 also has a current agreement with Zio Studio Services; however, the existing agreement does not include those that clean, wash, fix, and provide overall fleet maintenance that are now seeking recognition

This is the first group of workers at Star Waggons organizing with Local 399.

“We were expecting positive changes with Hudson Pacific coming in. We had high hopes with the new direction of Star Waggons,” said Diego Castillo, a seven-year employee working as a material coordinator at Star Waggons. “But then, we started to realize we were getting less and being expected to produce more. I think unionization is long overdue. We’re done waiting to be rescued. We realized we needed to do this for ourselves and our families.”

Though these companies are now owned by Hudson Pacific, the three companies continue to operate independently.

Workers at all three companies wore Teamster gear on the job today to bring visibility to their cause and show their commitment to organizing. Over the past several months, Local 399 has been meeting with the workers, assessing their priorities, and educating them around the process of securing union representation.

“We are hopeful to see these workers voluntarily recognized and work collaboratively with these three companies,” Dougherty said. “We are asking Hudson Pacific Properties to join us in a partnership that will be mutually beneficial for both the workers and their respective employers.”

Local 399 also reached out to Hudson Pacific’s Executive Vice President, Global Studios Jeff Stotland, to make him aware of the call for voluntary recognition at each company and ask for the company’s support in the process.

Teamsters Local 399 represents almost 6,400 members in the motion picture industry in Hollywood and New Mexico, including drivers, animal trainers/handlers, wranglers, dispatchers, DOT admins, location professionals, casting professionals, chef assistants, mechanics, auto service, and warehouse work process.