Teamsters Human Rights & Diversity Commission Celebrates Pride Month

Teamsters Pride

In recognition of June as Pride Month, Teamsters Human Rights & Diversity Commission (HRDC) Director Anthony M. Rosa released the following statement:

“As a union that recognizes the importance of creating a safe and welcoming workplace for all, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is proud to stand in solidarity with LGBTQ+ members and allies to celebrate Pride Month.

“For decades, the labor movement and the LGBTQ+ community have stood shoulder-to-shoulder and fought to ensure that all workers could organize and gain the benefits of Teamster representation—including contracts with higher wages, non-discrimination clauses, benefits that cover same-sex partners, safer working conditions, and a voice on the job.

“Regardless of sexual identity, the Teamsters and HRDC are committed to fighting for equality, dignity and respect for all workers, both in the workplace and out in the community. Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien said it best, ‘You’re not alone… You’re not cast aside. You’re part of a Team!’

“This month and throughout the rest of the year, the Teamsters are proud to celebrate the hard work of our LGBTQ+ members who make our union great. Happy Pride Month!”