Teamster Leaders Unanimously Endorse TForce Freight Tentative Agreement


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(WASHINGTON) – Teamsters local leaders unanimously endorsed the new tentative agreement between the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee (TNFINC) and TForce Freight on Monday. The contract, which will go to the membership for ratification, boosts wages, improves benefits, and protects Teamster jobs with no givebacks to TForce.

“We have forged a bold path forward with this new agreement. The gains achieved over the next five years by our members at TForce will pave the way for the entire freight industry,” said Sean M. O’Brien, Teamsters General President and TNFINC Chair. “Teamsters have again demonstrated that our tenacious, fighting spirit is the key to securing the best contracts.”

Upon approval, the agreement will go into effect August 1, 2023, and expire July 31, 2028.

Contract highlights include:

• Wage Increases: The highest wage increases in the history of the Teamsters’ national freight contract. Full-time local cartage and clerks will receive increases of $4.50 per hour over the life of the agreement. Road drivers will receive industry-leading increases to their current mileage rate over the length of the deal, starting at $0.7557 in August 2023 and increasing to $0.8257 by January 2028. The agreement eliminates split wage increases and two-tier wages.

• Health, Welfare, and Pension Contributions: TForce is required to increase its contributions to health, welfare, and pension plans. These contributions will provide vital support for members’ health care and retirement needs.

• Additional Holiday: Martin Luther King Day has been added as a paid holiday. 

• Discretionary Days and Vacation: Starting January 1, 2024, two additional discretionary days will be added to the contractual minimum, increasing the minimum number of paid days from four to six. There will be no blackout dates. 

• Safety: All newly purchased equipment and vehicles must have air conditioning.

• Technology Safeguards: The agreement includes provisions to safeguard members’ rights and well-being from invasive technology. It prevents discipline from cameras and prohibits the use of robots, driverless vehicles, drones, or other technology to move freight or replace drivers, clerks, or dockworkers.

• Work Rule Protections: Shuttle and drayage work will not count towards the guarantee covered under the agreement. Road drivers will only perform road work and cannot work the docks except for the current mini-hub operations. TForce must have approval from the Teamsters for any other expansion of mini-hub operations.

• Protections Against Subcontracting: Road drivers would be protected against subcontracting. Penalties have been put in place to assure rail and subcontracting come back into the bargaining unit.

“Months of hard work and commitment have paid off, resulting in a comprehensive agreement that addresses our members’ top priorities and delivers substantial economic gains and non-economic enhancements to benefit every Teamster at TForce,” said John A. Murphy, Teamsters National Freight Director and TNFINC Co-Chair. “I applaud our lead negotiators Kris Taylor and Ed Thompson and the entire negotiating team, especially our seven dedicated rank-and-file members on the committee.”

Members around the country will vote in-person this week for ratification at their respective TForce facilities. The Teamsters represent approximately 7,800 local cartage drivers, road drivers, and clerical workers with TForce Freight at 126 local unions.

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