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Teamsters Human Rights and Diversity Commission Honors Pain Awareness Month

1080x1080 Pain Awareness Month

In recognition of September as Pain Awareness Month, Teamsters Human Rights and Diversity Commission (HRDC) Director Anthony M. Rosa released the following statement:

“The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is North America’s largest and most diverse union. Our 1.2 million members are not only freight drivers and warehouse workers, but Teamsters are in nearly every occupation in both public and private sector.

“Teamsters drive trucks for days on end, spend hours on their feet in hospitals, build pipelines, work in offices hunched over their keyboards, pack cargo onto planes, trains, and ships.

“As a former truck driver and warehouseman, I know firsthand the strain of manual labor. Over time, the day-to-day activities can turn into both mental and physical pain and take a serious toll on your body.

“The Teamsters not only thank our members with words, but by fighting for and winning the best contracts for workers that include top-tier health insurance.

“America was built on the backs of working-class men and women, and workers deserve to be compensated fairly for their contributions to our great nation. It is critical that workers know that the Teamsters Union has their backs and that resources are available for those dealing with pain.

“During Pain Awareness Month, the Teamsters renew our commitment to protect all 1.2 million of our members at all costs.”