Genesee Teamsters Produce Beer Honoring Unions


Limited-Release Beer Aims to Bring Awareness to Skilled Trades, Manufacturing Jobs

Teamsters in Rochester, NY are producing a new beer that honors union workers.

The Genesee Brewery in collaboration with its unions including Teamsters Local 118 has launched its Genesee Brewers Series Union-Made Hazy IPA. The packaging for this limited-release beer features images of workers pouring hops, painting from a scaffold, and working construction.

“You used to see ‘Union Made’ on almost every beer can, but that’s not the case anymore,” said Timothy L. Barbeto, President of Local 118. “This beer is a reminder for people of the important role unions play in everyday things we often take for granted like an ice cold, quality beer.”

The Genesee Brewery employs more than 550 people in New York, including about 300 Teamsters in the company’s Rochester brewery. The Genesee Brewery was established in 1878 and unionized in 1943.

“The more attention we can bring to the importance of unions in the brewery workforce, the better,” said Jeff Padellaro, Director of the Brewery, Bakery, and Soft Drink Conference. “And non-union brewery workers should take note of this as an invitation to join our ranks in the Teamsters.”

The Genesee Union-Made Hazy IPA will be available beginning in November in New York and Pennsylvania.