Teamsters Airline Division Meets in Arizona to Plan for Future Success

AD Meeting Sedona

On Oct. 11, the Teamsters Airline Division met in Sedona, Ariz. With representatives from the division and airline locals to plan for the upcoming year.

“Within the past year, we’ve ratified five agreements covering thousands of mechanics, pilots, dispatchers and other aviation workers,” said Joe Ferreira, Teamsters Airline Division Director. “Our primary goal is to equip representatives with the necessary tools and knowledge so they can build upon the successes of 2023.”

Tim Boyle, President of Teamsters Local 2727, represents UPS Air Cargo Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, so Boyle’s insights regarding effective representation in the freight carrier segment of the airline industry were a valuable contribution to the discussions – particularly since there’s an ongoing campaign to organize aviation technicians at FedEx.

“The standards and compensation we’ve established at UPS has made the company one the most – if not the most – desirable employers for aviation technicians in the entire air cargo industry,” Boyle said. “FedEx workers who are doing the exact same job want to catch up, and we’re here to help them make that happen.”

On Oct. 12, Airline Division representatives met with members of Teamsters Local 104 in Phoenix. Kim Barboro, President of Local 104 and Airline Division National Coordinator for Customer Service and Flight Attendants, arranged a meeting specifically for American Airlines Customer Service Representatives. In addition, the division met with Southwest Airlines Materials Specialists at their facility and United Airlines Technicians in their breakroom.

“We devoted a great deal of time to answering questions, with discussions extending late into the evening,” said Bob Fisher, Teamsters Airline Division Deputy Director. “Our members said the sessions were greatly appreciated, and we look forward to more in-person engagement with the rank-and-file.”