Teamsters at South Bayside Industries Unanimously Ratify New Contracts


Local 350 Secures Strong Job Protections, Higher Wages, Improved Benefits

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(SAN CARLOS, Calif.) – Members of Teamsters Local 350 working at South Bayside Industries, Inc., have unanimously ratified new collective bargaining agreements. The workers, who are semi-truck drivers and clerical staff, have won enhanced work protections, better wages, and improved pension benefits.

“Participating in negotiations for the first time was a valuable experience for me, especially as a relatively new union steward,” said John Apodaca, a semi-truck driver and a member of Local 350. “Securing a Teamsters contract that surpasses any in the history of our unit was truly remarkable and positions us exceptionally well for the future.”

South Bayside Industries, the new operator at the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos, Calif., will absorb the new agreements on Jan 1, 2024. The five-year contracts are the most lucrative packages ever negotiated by Local 350 members at the facility.

“For our members, the transition to a new employer inevitably brings a level of uncertainty. Far too often, establishing a productive relationship with an employer is akin to discovering a hidden gem,” said Robert Sandoval, lead negotiator and a business agent at Local 350. “These new contracts should be an example to other corporations. When companies prioritize the well-being of the workplace and engage in productive dialogue rather than discord, the collective bargaining unit and work environment thrive.”

Chartered on October 8, 1936, Teamsters Local 350 represents members throughout the Bay Area who work in the public sector, the solid waste and recycling industry, the laundry industry, and other various trades.