Workers at Ridwell Vote Overwhelmingly to Join Teamsters


Drivers and Warehouse Workers Secure Representation with Local 305

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(PORTLAND, Ore.) – More than 40 workers at Ridwell have voted overwhelmingly to join Teamsters Local 305. The group of drivers and warehouse workers came together to gain a voice at work and address concerns over wages, benefits, and working conditions. This is the second group of workers to join the Teamsters at Ridwell.

“I want to congratulate these workers on their decision to organize and become Teamsters,” said David Schmidt, President of Local 305 in Portland. “We look forward to helping these new Teamsters negotiate a strong contract that reflects the critical work they provide to their communities.”

Ridwell is a recycling start-up focusing on responsibly reusing and disposing of hard-to-recycle items like batteries, lightbulbs, and plastic film. Since its founding in Washington State in 2018, Ridwell has expanded to Calif., Colo., Minn., and Texas.

“My coworkers and I voted to become Teamsters so that we can gain a voice in our workplace,” said Xander Lyons, a warehouse worker at Ridwell and a member of the organizing committee. “I am excited to work under a strong union contract that will give me a say in the decisions that affect my career and future.”

Since workers began organizing, Ridwell has remained neutral on the question of unionization, noting they will respect their employees’ choice.

Teamsters Local 305 represents over 3,700 workers in a wide variety of industries throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area. For more information, go to