Solidarity and Care, Even in the Air

CIRP Feb. 2024

Aviation Teamsters Provide Support as Peer Volunteers

Teamster volunteers for the Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) attended their annual training at Teamsters Local 135 in downtown Indianapolis last week. CIRP is a peer support program that helps aviation workers and their family members recover from stressful situations.

Union representatives and rank-and-file members from the crafts of flight attendant, technician and pilot attended the training. Peer Support Volunteers are equipped to handle critical incidents, personal crises, grief, the unique stresses faced by Teamster veterans, and other hardships.

“The aviation industry presents specific challenges that can cause significant stress for our members,” said Patrick Holyfield, Teamsters Airline Division Safety Representative. “Our peer support program provides a listening ear for members in need. Our trained volunteers understand the airline lifestyle and uphold strict confidentiality policies, earning the trust of their fellow pilots, technicians, and flight attendants who rely on us to share their burdens.”

In addition to CIRP, which is available to all Teamsters in the airline industry, technicians at United Airlines have a counseling program specifically for them called the Teamsters Mechanics Assistance Program (TMAP).

“It was great to see our 12 United Airlines mechanics who volunteer for the TMAP participate,” said Chris Moore, Teamsters Airline Division Safety Coordinator. “They were able to share with pilots and flight attendants how the United Airlines program works and learn how the addition of CIRP will benefit our members at the carrier. These folks do incredible work supporting our members in the toughest of times.”

If you’re a Teamster in the aviation industry who wants to speak with a Peer Support Volunteer, please contact your business agent or safety representative. All conversations are completely confidential.