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Teamsters Extend Largest Strike Against Amazon in the U.S.


Delivery Drivers Demand Amazon Address Low Wages, Dangerous Working Conditions

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(CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif) – Today, Amazon delivery drivers represented by Teamsters Local 396 in Southern California escalated their unfair labor practice (ULP) strike against the company by picketing at Amazon’s DAX5 warehouse in the City of Industry. This marks the latest picket extension by Amazon Teamsters in their unprecedented strike, now the largest and longest strike against the company in the U.S. The extension arrives weeks before the one-year anniversary of the Palmdale-based workers’ vote to organize with Local 396, becoming the first union of Amazon drivers in the country.

“We will strike for as long as it takes to end Amazon’s worker abuse,” said Michael Leib, an Amazon Teamsters delivery driver from Palmdale. “Amazon thinks it can wait us out and that we’ll grow tired of fighting, but every Amazon warehouse we visit reminds us why our work is so important. We’re doing this for our families, our communities, and for our Amazon brothers and sisters everywhere. We’re not giving up.”

Soon after joining forces with the Teamsters in April 2023, the workers bargained a first-of-its-kind contract with Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP), Battle-Tested Strategies (BTS). While Amazon exercises total control over the wages, workplace conditions, and safety standards of its DSPs, the company refused to recognize the union contract that workers ratified. Amazon has instead engaged in dozens of unfair labor practices in violation of federal labor law, including terminating the entire unit of newly organized workers. 

“All we want is to get back to work, for fair wages to support our families and our kids, and to make ends meet,” said Deion Steppes, an Amazon Teamsters delivery driver from Palmdale. “Amazon makes hundreds of billions of dollars in profits every year. We know they can afford to pay us better, and they can afford to invest in safer working conditions so we’re protected from things like extreme heat on the job. Our lives are not disposable just so Amazon executives can get richer.” 

Amazon Teamsters have now expanded their picket to over 32 Amazon warehouses across 10 states, fostering unity among Amazon workers throughout the country. The extensions have been critical for Amazon Teamsters from Palmdale to engage with workers across Amazon’s entire network of package and sort warehouses, bolster rank-and-file support for the ongoing strike campaign, and discuss workplace challenges. Amazon workers regularly voice their concerns over extreme temperatures. In Palmdale alone, temperatures often exceed 100 degrees during the summer.

Amazon Teamsters will continue to expand picket lines until the company reinstates union workers, acknowledges the Local 396 contract, and commits to collective bargaining with the Teamsters to improve wages and working conditions.

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