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UPS Administrative and Specialist Workers in Virginia Join Teamsters


Last week, a new group of UPS administrative and specialist workers were certified for representation by Teamsters Local 322 in Richmond, Virginia.

This is the latest group of administrative and specialist workers organized thanks to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) secured by the Teamsters under the union’s national UPS contract. The MOU assures employer neutrality during administrative and specialist organizing campaigns.

By joining the union, the workers will now enjoy the benefits of the administrative and specialist addendum to the National Master Agreement, which was negotiated following the first successful organizing drive among UPS administrative and specialist workers by Local 89 in Louisville, KY. The addendum applies the UPS Teamsters’ general wage increases to the classifications, bringing the new members under TeamCare health coverage, and establishing or restarting pension plans for the now-protected workers.

“We are pleased to welcome this new group of UPS Teamsters into the union,” said Brian Peyton, President of Local 322. “The administrative and specialist worker MOU and addendum are powerful tools that every UPS local should be using to grow the membership and make the Teamsters even stronger so we can continue winning game-changing contracts at UPS.”

“My co-workers and I are excited to finally have the protections and benefits that more than 300,000 UPS Teamsters have across the country. It feels good to be part of this great union and to be able to call ourselves Teamsters. We hope more administrative and specialist workers at other centers join us as well,” said Donna Habeebullah, a Package Center Specialist at the Richmond center.

If you are an administrative or specialist worker at UPS, contact a local near you today to start the process of becoming a Teamster.