Teamsters Leadership Meets with United Airlines Rank-and-File to Discuss Contract Campaign

SMO_UAL Meeting

Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien, General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, and Airline Division Director Chris Griswold met with rank-and-file members from United Airlines today to announce the launch of the Teamsters’ new contract campaign at the passenger carrier.

“We all know that bargaining for a new agreement can take a long time in the airline industry, which often leads to many technicians getting discouraged in the fight,” O’Brien said. “Do not let this convince you that the Teamsters cannot get what we want and what we’ve earned. This campaign is going to be aggressive from start to finish and our 10,000 members at United Airlines will win an historic contract.”

“There’s no doubt United Airlines is paying close attention to how active our members will be during negotiations later this year,” Zuckerman said. “We must send a clear message that every Teamster is fully committed to this fight. We need everyone’s involvement at every stage of this campaign.”

The Teamsters will take a different, more strategic approach to bargaining this agreement than previous contracts under old administrations. Rank-and-file members from around the country will serve on the national negotiating committee, all local unions will conduct contract proposal meetings, bargaining surveys will be collected from the entire membership, and the Airline Division will coordinate rallies and other events with members at and around major air hubs in multiple states.

“Our members are the Teamsters Union. The members build and protect and strengthen this union every day,” Griswold said. “We cannot succeed without everyone moving in the same direction, determined to secure a record contract. So, let’s get involved. Let’s stay engaged. And get ready for a bigger, faster, stronger Teamsters Union at United Airlines.”

If you work for United Airlines and you weren’t able to make the call, a recording can be made available for you. Please contact your business agent or shop steward.