Teamsters to Host RLA Trainings for United Airlines Technicians


As we work to bargain the best possible contract at United Airlines, the Teamsters Union will host virtual informational training sessions at United Airlines Stations across the country with our Training and Grants Department. Rank-and-file aviation technicians will learn about the Railway Labor Act (RLA), including:

– How the collective bargaining process works at United Airlines
– How and why bargaining union contracts in aviation is different from other industries
– The role of the federal government in aviation labor relations
– The ratification and enforcement of union contracts in the airline industry

See the training schedule below. Click on the time to save an invite to your calendar. A zoom link to the training will be made available for attendees prior to the events.

Teamsters Local 19: Dallas-Ft. Worth
Monday, July 15 — 2pm
Teamsters Local 781: Chicago O’Hare
Tuesday, July 9 — 7am, 12pm, and 3pm
Teamsters Local 856 & 986: San Francisco
Thursday, July 11 — 5am, 2pm and 10pm
Teamsters Local 964: Cleveland
Friday, July 12 — 4am
Tuesday, July 16 — 4am

All rank-and-file technicians are strongly encouraged to attend these important trainings. For more information, contact Paul Trujillo at or Iliana Flores at