9.5 List: Deadline to Sign is January 5

Stronger protection against excessive overtime was a major part of our historic contract fight at UPS this year—and it was a huge part of our victory. UPS Teamster locals have a major role to play in enforcing this new contract language by getting as many drivers as possible to sign up on the 9.5 list by January 5, 2024.

For UPS management, the number of drivers we have on the 9.5 is a measure of how serious we are as a union about enforcing our contract and cracking down on excessive overtime. The following materials from the Teamsters Package Division should be used by locals and your shop stewards to encourage RPCDs to get on this important list.

In this toolkit:

9.5 Sign-Up Leaflet

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9.5 Sign Up Sheet

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Social Media Graphics

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Among the many gains we won in our new UPS Teamsters contract was stronger protection against excessive overtime. Drivers have a major role to play in enforcing this new language by TALKING TO YOUR STEWARD and SIGNING UP for the 9.5 list! The 9.5 list is designed to stop UPS from working you over 9.5 hours per day more than twice a week—and to make UPS pay for violations.

Your time—and time with your family—is valuable. When UPS violates your 9.5 rights, the company must adjust your work schedule and pay triple time for hours worked over 9.5 hours in a day.  

Under new contract language:

☑️ For the first time, former 22.4 drivers who were denied 9.5 protection will now qualify for those rights!

☑️ If UPS continues to violate your 9.5 rights, you could receive QUADRUPLE time for all hours worked over 9.5 hours!

Signing up for the 9.5 list is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. The clock is ticking. TALK TO YOUR STEWARD AND SIGN UP BY JANUARY 5!

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Talking Points & Best Practices for Stewards



Share Photos & Videos from 9.5 Sign-Up Activity

Follow the instructions below for submitting photos and videos from your local union’s 9.5 sign-up efforts. We will feature content from UPS locals on the International’s social media platforms.

To submit image or video files from your phone:

  1. CLICK HERE to upload files and indicate your local union and location of the action. OR…
  2. Open the UPS Teamsters app, click on the ≡ menu icon on the top left of the screen, and select “Share Action Photos/Videos.” Upload your files and indicate your local union. OR…
  3. Email your files to UPSvictory@teamster.org. Remember to include your local union, as well as the UPS center/location where the action took place.