About Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC)

The Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC) is part of the Teamsters Airline Division and was created specifically to better represent the needs of aviation mechanics throughout the industry. The four cornerstones on which the TAMC is founded are: promoting safety; being proactive; using our collective experience; and organizing.

As mechanics in this industry, we have issues that are common regardless of where we work, and the TAMC is committed to addressing them. We use our collective voice and the power of the Teamsters Union and the Airline Division to move our agenda. On our website, in our Teamster Aviation Professional newsletter, and through social media, we give aviation mechanics a forum in which they can voice concerns, share ideas for change and a channel through which members can stay current on industry news and trends.

On August 18, 2014 the TAMC ran a one-day lobbying blitz on Capitol Hill, voicing concerns about inadequate FAA oversight at foreign and domestic aircraft repair stations. We turned lawmakers attention to three DOT Office of Inspector General reports over a 10-year period which concluded that the FAA had inadequate oversight over repair stations. The TAMC us demanding is demanding a moratorium on certification of any new repair stations, either foreign or domestic, until the FAA can PROVE adequate oversight. Further, we are calling for the implementation of a single standard of drug testing at foreign repair stations that is equal to the drug abatement programs required for carriers in the U.S.

Copies of the three DOT Inspector General reports and TAMC comments on drug testing at foreign repair stations can be found below.

Review of Air Carriers’ Use of Aircraft Repair Stations

Air Carriers’ Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance

FAA Continues to Face Challenges in Implementing a Risk-Based Approach for Repair Station Oversight