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Do Congressional Republicans believe in the Tooth Fairy?

If Congressional Republicans think government spending cuts will stimulate business activity, they must also believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Internet girlfriend who needs money for her brain surgery.

Though they acknowledge that cuts to government spending caused the gross domestic product to drop in the fourth quarter, GOP members of Congress are still pushing to cut Social Security, Medicare and education.

So that means ... Congressional Republicans want to slow business activity in the U.S.

It's hard to understand why. Well, unless you consider they're being bankrolled by billionaires and CEOs who don't care about the U.S. economy, and who want all government largess to go to them, not to middle-class Americans.

Congressional Republicans already pushed for massive spending cuts that threw Americans out of work. They strangled proposals to create jobs. Now they're trying to force more cuts. They won't back off the automatic spending cuts that will take place on March 1 under the so-called "sequester" unless Democrats agree to different cuts.

The Hill explains:

The sequester, adopted in 2011 as an incentive to force both parties to identify spending cuts, would chop domestic discretionary and defense programs by $1.2 trillion over the next year. 

Republicans vow they will not turn off the sequester unless the cost of doing so — $12 billion per month — is offset.

Here's how well government austerity worked in Europe:

Republicans in Congress, of course, will never admit the austerity they're fighting for will devastate working families.

Angry Bear calls it Romneyism:

The flagrant lying, con artistry, as the chief modus operandi--is now at the very heart of what the Republican Party is.

Sounds about right.

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