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Plenty of Teamsters rallying in OK, GA, NY, NC, MA


Teamster jacket in Raleigh, NC.Photo by Timothy Scarbrough for NC State AFL-CIO

Raleigh, N.C., was the site of a 15-minute silent protest across from the Statehouse. Here's how the NC State AFL-CIO described the event:

On April 4, 2011 at 12 Noon and for 15 minutes, we will commemorate the assassination in Memphis of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by standing in total silence across from the state legislative building while holding similar signs to remind the lawmakers inside that:

We are men and women.
We are workers, taxpayers, and citizens.


Boston Teamsters today.

Boston Teamsters from Local 25 joined other unions to rally in front of the state Republican Party headquarters today to "stand in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire and other states fighting corporate politicians seeking to destroy collective bargaining."

In Atlanta, Teamsters are gearing up for a major rally to start soon. Teamster Brother Ben Speight says:

We are expecting Georgia's largest turnout to date in solidarity with workers rights today at the 'We Are One' rally at the King Center. From Atlanta to Boston, Madison to LA let's show them what Teamsters Power looks like!!!

New York Teamsters protested in front of UPS in Manhattan today. Tweets @teamstersonline:

Stop the War on Workers at UPS: April 4, 2011: Local 804 Teamsters rallied in front of UPS in Manhattan today to say NO to the War on Workers from Wisconsin to UPS.

And @OKWorkers tweets us about a noon rally organized by CWA in Oklahoma City.

saw plenty of Teamsters at the rally at the Oklahoma Capitol