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Teamsters charge McKesson with union-busting; McKesson gives CEO $51.7 million

Unbridled greed

Teamsters charged a company that gave its CEO $51.7 million with illegally busting unions, coercing employees, discriminating against union members and firing a worker for exercising her First Amendment rights.

If you've followed this space, you can guess it was McKesson CEO John Hammergren who received $51.7 million for his performance in 2013, according to the AFL-CIO's Executive Paywatch report released today.

Did we mention that McKesson paid nearly $1 billion in fines for cheating its customers while Hammergren was in charge?

Hammergren made 1493 times what the average worker made, according to the AFL-CIO. Maybe Hammergren wants to make it a nice round 1500 by making sure the Teamsters can't fight for a fair share of McKesson's profit.

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