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Teamsters keep up the pressure in OK, HI, NY, NM

Teamsters from Local 808 joined this White Plains rally.

Rally Girl brings us more stories pouring in about hundreds of rallies held across the country on 4.4.11.

In Oklahoma, members of Local 886 braved freezing temperatures and high winds to join nearly 600 outside of the Statehouse. With signs, stickers and the Teamster promise, they made their presence known. Enough Teamsters attended the event that the local actually shut down for a portion of the afternoon, but reopened after the rally had ended.

Local 996 in Honolulu didn't have to contend with nasty weather. Prior to attending the 4.4.11 rally, Hawaii Teamsters rented a trolley and drove around the island banging drums and blowing whistles before meeting with other union members at the Statehouse.

Brother William Ward, a member of Local 808 in New York, attended a rally in White Plains, N.Y., where he was reminded of words his father once said to him.

My father, now deceased, said to me the day he retired after 35 years as a mechanic, that “I feel sorry for you guys today, when I got out of the service in the mid 50's I knew I could get a union job and raise a family and buy a home. Today with you guys, your only a number to Corporate America. God knows where you guys will be in 20 years.” I have never forgotten those words from a long-time, strong supporter of unions and a very involved man with his unions and employee rights. Well, 20 years later here we are fighting a great power with unlimited wealth and a plan that has been in effect now for sometime. We must keep the pressure on politicians and corporate greed!

Sister Cynthia von Hendricks, a member of Local 492 in Albuquerque, sends this account:

My friends and I attended a rally in Albuquerque. There were between 350-400 people on a major intersection in the middle of town. I saw different unions represented, along with people from and the Gray Panthers. There were also just working folk, like us there. We saw lots of signs, like, "We Are One" and "I Am Working America" and "Unions = Jobs." One person had a bullhorn so there were some union cheers and chants. The most telling thing to me was the attitude of the drivers going by—lots of honking, waving and general support.

I wrote all three news organizations in town and asked why they didn't cover the event. I'm sure (I said) that you cover Tea Party rallies.

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