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VanderLeest denies smoking crack...

...but you'll have to decide for yourself whether the deadbeat Republican accused of wife beating and child abuse is telling the truth.

VanderLeest led the recall drive against our Teamster brother, Wisconsin state Sen. Dave Hansen. On Tuesday, Aug. 9, voters will decide whether they want a champion of the middle class or a candidate who appears to be a crackpot (we couldn't resist).

Talking Points Memo reports that VanderLeest and Hansen were interviewed this morning on Wisconsin Public Radio.

"I read a social services report yesterday that says I smoke crack," said VanderLeest, during an interview on Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio. "None of it's true. I don't smoke rocks, and that's the truth."

The twitter traffic on this is hilarious. Some favorite tweets:

Hey Tweeps, any of you know needlepoint? I'll pay good money for an "I don't smoke rocks, and that's the truth" sampler.


Best campaign slogan ever: "I don't smoke rocks, and that's the truth."


Vanderleest - Crack, Pot? Damn the Interviews


Nothing says "stays away from crack cocaine" like talking about "smoking rocks"

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