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VIDEO: Matt Damon rips Koch-funded cameraman

Here's our union brother Matt Damon and his mom (our union sister) talking to a Reason newsgatherer and cameraman after Saturday's rally for teachers.

The cameraman butts into the interview with the "observation" that 10 percent of all teachers are bad. "Maybe you're a shitty cameraman," retorts Damon.

This is what you need to know about Reason. It's a "think tank" funded by the Koch brothers.  We prefer to think of them as "policy pirates." They enable corporate looting of the taxpayer by pretending to be "libertarian." Here's how they describe themselves:

Reason Foundation's nonpartisan public policy research promotes choice, competition, and a dynamic market economy as the foundation for human dignity and progress.

Bwaaa-haaaaa-haaaa! Here's a better description (hat tip to Badger Democracy):

...(their goal is) the continued systematic dismantling of the state (and national) economy and political structure. The replacement being a corporate anarchy – with unfettered profits and a lower working class bound by financial need and debt as “human capital.” A working class that will supply bountiful labor for its multinational corporate barons exercising political and economic control.