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This is what we union thugs do to OK farmers

We feed their starving cows.

Today, Teamsters from Ohio, Indiana and Missouri picked up 10 tons of hay in Wisconsin and hauled it in tractor-trailers to a place just outside of Oklahoma City. There, farmers and ranchers can pick up the hay for their starving livestock.

Local 886 reports,

The Teamsters participation is part of a project that Farm Aid, Inc., is championing to bring food to cattle owned by Oklahoma farmers. Since this year has been especially dry in Oklahoma, the natural food supply has run critically low and many herds of cattle are near starvation level.

Teamsters Local Union 135 in Indianapolis, Ind., the Ohio Conference of Teamsters and Kansas City's Joint Council 56 all donated their time and tractors to help pick up freshly-harvested hay from northern states and bring it to Oklahoma.

It all started last month at the annual Farm Aid concert in Kansas City. Oklahoma farmers asked for help. They said the drought this year is so bad they have nothing to feed their cattle. Many herds are near starvation. Wisconsin farmkers offered to donate hay, and Farm Aid offered to find a way to get the hay to Oklahoma. And that's where the Teamsters came in.

Hats off to the union thugs at Locals 41, 541, 838, 886 and 955.