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Why that organic meal is as ethical as a Big Mac dipped in tar

This video was produced to promote the book, Behind the Kitchen Door, by Saru Jayaraman, founder of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

Restaurants aren't the only employers who exploit workers. Port drivers work in sweatshops on wheels, consigned to poverty by unscrupulous trucking companies who misclassify them as independent contractors.

Warehouse workers are routinely cheated of their wages. They're forced to work in stifling heat. They're threatened and intimidated. They're even required to pay for shirts with the company name on them, despite earning poverty wages.

Farmworkers aren't given water and die in the heat. They're cheated out of their Social Security. They don't get paid overtime.

Meatpacking workers do their jobs in disgusting conditions, get injured frequently and earn poverty-level wages.

It's time for justice all along the supply chain.