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Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in CA

A warm welcome to our 112 new brother and sister Teamsters at Jensen Precast in Fontana, Calif. They voted 2-1 to join Local 166 in Bloomington, Calif.

The longtime yard workers, who make concrete drainage systems, organized because they were fed up with the way they were treated on the job.

Francisco Chavez, a 20-year employee at Jensen, thanked the organizers for their hard work. “We look forward to getting our first contract with Teamsters Local 166,” he said.

The company went so far as to hire a union buster to fight the organizing drive, said Ruben Luna, Local 166 organizer. “But this group was strong and fought for what they believed in," he said. "It was team effort that turned out for the best.”

The group saw through the company's union-busting tactics, said Andy Budai, Luna's organizing partner.

Budai said they look forward to working with the workers to solve their problems at Jensen.

Now that the yard workers have joined the Teamsters, Jensen drivers are interested in coming on board as well.

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