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Woo-hoo! First contract for Atlantic Aviation Teamsters

At the table.

Please congratulate our new brothers and sisters at Atlantic Aviation. They just voted to accept their first contract as Teamsters.

Atlantic Aviation workers unanimously voted to accept their first contract as members of Teamsters Local 89.  Two meetings were held today (to accommodate varying work schedules) with fifteen of the 21 members group voting.

Workers at Atlantic voted to join Teamsters Local 89 in April 2012.  Over the course of six months, Negotiation Chair Kevin Evans and committee members Jeff Troutman and Johnnie Hikes met with the company to deliver a quality agreement to be taken to a vote by the membership.  This agreement contains solid language providing for job protection, seniority rights, and a grievance procedure.  In addition, the contract contains wage increases and other economic improvements not provided prior to union recognition.  

Congratulations to all our new Teamster brothers and sisters in the adoption of their first contract!  We also want thank Jeff and Johnnie for all their work throughout the campaign and negotiations.  These two Teamster brothers will continue their commitment to their fellow members by providing leadership and daily contract enforcement as the group’s first stewards. 

And here's more good news from Local 89:

Zenith Teamsters overwhelmingly accepted the proposed 2013 agreement in a 222 to 17 vote. The contract provides for six years of job security, $3.01 in raises over the life of the agreement, and “buybacks” for attendance and standards. Workers will also continue to enjoy free healthcare and pension throughout the agreement.

Good work, brothers and sisters!