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Teamsters on the Trail: Oct. 14-20

Campaign Taxonomy:

Action picked up on the campaign trail during week 10, which included members from two additional Teamster Local Unions getting into the mix with a Warren Rally in Virginia, as well as stops at events in Iowa and a training held for union members in Nevada as well.

Wednesday, Oct. 16

Ames, Iowa: Teamsters Local 238 member Tony Currin asked South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg what he would do to make sure union pension plans remain solvent. In response, Buttigieg said, “I read the original Butch Lewis bill. And of course I will do everything in my power to make sure that or some incarnation of that does become law. And that it becomes easier for workers to unionize, as well.” He also talked about the importance of unions.  Photo here.

Thursday, Oct. 17

Tipton, Iowa: Teamsters members brought along coworkers to an event featuring Sen. Kamala Harris of California.  Although they didn’t get to ask a question, they did make it known that Teamsters were there in force.

Friday, Oct. 18

Norfolk, Virginia: Local 322 President Brian Payton, and Paul Trujillo and Nick Jones from Local 822 attended a rally for Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, where she discussed the importance of labor unions and them having more power to negotiate. She also spoke of the importance of raising the minimum wage.  Photos here and here.  Thanks to Local 822 for putting together the highlight video you can watch here.

Teamsters Political Training in the West

Reno, Nevada: The Teamsters’ California State Council of Cannery and Food Processing Unions met for their annual conference and hosted Teamster Regional Political Coordinators to lead a Teamsters 2020 political training. They discussed the need to influence the narrative, raise the Teamsters’ profile and engage the membership.

Attendees watched videos of fellow members engaging with candidates on top Teamster issues and were trained on strategies to influence and educate the candidates. Attendees then broke out into groups and practiced asking questions to candidates. See videos from members getting in front of presidential candidates at our new Teamsters 2020 website at

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