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Teamsters on the Trail: Oct. 21-27

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Teamsters had a busy week 11 on the campaign trail, attending events in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and for the first time, North Carolina.  With less than 100 days until the first Caucus in Iowa, Teamster members are out in full force to push all candidates to talk about our issues and what they would do to address them.


Monday, Oct. 21

New Hampshire: Teamsters caught up with Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey at campaign events in Keene and Peterborough where he spoke about workers’ rights and collective bargaining. Booker said he will always stand up for both issues and as president would be sure to appoint a Labor secretary who would support workers rather than corporations.

Iowa: Local 238 member Tony Currin attended two Montana Gov. Steve Bullock events in Council Bluffs and Harlan. Speaking on workers’ rights and collective bargaining, Bullock said the U.S. needs a National Labor Relations Board that works for workers. He added that as president workers will definitely have a friend of labor because of Bullock’s past experience as a union attorney.

Bullock says “60 percent of Americans haven’t had a pay increase in 40 years. I’ll be darned if it’s not at the same time as union membership has dropped. It’s not just for the union members; it’s for everyone that it helps raise the middle class wages.”

Videos here and here.


Tuesday, Oct. 22

Burlington, Iowa: Members from Local 238 were out on the trail again, this time talking with Sen. Kamala Harris of California about unions and raising the rights of workers.

Harris said, “Even if you are not a member of a labor union, thank them for your weekend, your eight hour workday, sick leave, all of that. That is because the leadership of the unions fighting for all workers.”

She said misclassification needs to be ended, and companies should depend less on the use of temp workers. As president, Harris said, “it has to be about running a government in a way that we respect the honoring of those contracts and agreements, and that there is an enforcement of agreements.”

Full video can be seen here


Wedneday, Oct. 23

West Point, Iowa: Teamsters were on hand to hear from former Vice President Joe Biden, although they didn’t get a chance to question him on the union’s top issues.

Rock Hill, S.C.: South Carolina Teamsters attended an event by South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg but didn’t have an opportunity to query the candidate.


Thursday, Oct. 24

Bow, New Hampshire: Granite State Teamsters were not able to get a question in, but made their presence known at an event featuring Mayor Buttigieg. Photos here and here.


Friday, Oct. 25

Durham, North Carolina: Tar Heel Teamsters were on hand to see former VP Biden and talked to him directly about his plan for unions and pension reform. He told them he is a supporter of the Butch Lewis Act currently before the Senate. Photo here.