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Today's Teamster News 03.26.13

Resolved That in Order to Create Millions of New Jobs In the United States, Our Government Should Set A National Goal to Balance Our Trade Account by January 1, 2020  Virginia 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee   ...It is hereby RESOLVED that the 2012 8th District Democratic Convention should take the lead in helping grow jobs in our Commonwealth and our nation by adopting this resolution that the United States set a goal and commit itself to balancing its trade no later than January 1

Bankster: 'That's why I'm richer than you'

Bailed-out bank CEO Jamie Dimon actually bragged that he's richer than an investor analyst -- to his face.

During an investor conference for JP Morgan Chase earlier this week, Dimon said, "That's why I'm richer than you."

Stay classy, Jamie.

Here's the transcript if you can't watch the video.


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