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Today's Teamster News 05.10.12

Bank Vs. America – Protests Outside, Inside BofA Shareholder Meeting  firedoglake   ...Inside the Bank of America meeting, disgruntled shareholders — including Trillium Asset Management, the City of New York and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — will force votes on proposals that would curb the bank’s political spending and force it to review its foreclosure practices...

Today's Teamster News 03.25.12

How the legal assault on Obama's health law went mainstream  Politico   ...Many legal scholars, including respected conservatives, pooh-poohed the idea that the courts might actually strike down the law or the individual mandate requiring most Americans to get health insurance or pay a fine.Yet on Monday, three days of oral arguments about the law begin at the high court — the most time justices have devoted to a single law since 1966...“Once the Supreme Court grants review of the case and sets six hours of arguments over th

Today's Teamster News 03.10.12

The Bloom Comes Off the Unemployment Report Rose  Economic Populist   ...The real number of people wanting a job for February is 27.3 million. One needs to add up the official unemployed, people stuck in part-time who need full-time jobs, and all of those people not in the labor force, but who report they actually want a job, currently at 6.378 million.This gives an unemployment rate of 16.93%...


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