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Today's Teamster News 03.11.12

IN lawmakers end RTW dominated session  Associated Press   ...Indiana lawmakers came roaring into their 2012 session with a battle over right-to-work legislation. Now they are leaving quietly with a new statewide smoking ban, more money for state fair victims, changes to the state's education system and rules giving homeowners the right to forcibly keep police from entering their homes...(No jobs bill?)

Today's Teamster News 01.10.11

Right-to-work laws not seen as employment-maker (Opinion)  Joplin Independent   ...In fact, the highest current unemployment in the country, Nevada, is 14.3%, and Nevada is what I call a “right-to-work-for-less state”...
Gingrich seeks bill allowing state bankruptcy to avert bailouts  Pensions & Investments   ...Move afoot to help states escape benefit obligations...


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