North America's Strongest Union


Today's Teamster News 05.15.12

Germans getting ahead by getting along  Washington Times   ...Underlying Germany’s vaunted manufacturing machine is a system of close collaboration among business, labor and government that has served the nation well in recent years and stands in marked contrast to the increasingly adversarial system in the U.S. Most factories in Germany are unionized, businesses have labor representatives on their boards, and union demands typically are not sources of tension or hostility with management.,

Here's the Teamster Take on Financial Reform

The Teamsters have supported regulation of private equity firms and derivatives, as well as stronger protection for investors and consumers and limits on executive compensation.

“This is a landmark bill that will help redirect bank capital toward creating jobs instead of destroying them,” Hoffa said. “It makes progress toward bringing back Glass-Steagall, which forbids traditional commercial banks from taking risks with other people’s money.

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