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government shutdown

Today's Teamster News 10.09.13

SCI’s Actions Have Broken Bonds With Chicago, Funeral Directors Say   ...The lockout of 59 funeral directors and drivers by Service Corporation International (SCI) at 16 Chicago-area funeral homes has not only cost workers their livelihoods, it has removed them from doing what they do best -- serving the needs of their communities as many have done for decades...

Angry about the shutdown? There's an app for that!

A free app designed to let you express frustration about travel delays to U.S. senators and members of Congress can also be used for something else: telling the electeds you're frustrated with the government shutdown.

Here, for example, is something to be frustrated about: Military death benefits are being held up by the shutdown. USA Today reports: 

Today's Teamster News 10.06.13

Families hoard cash 5 yrs after crisis  Associated Press   ...An Associated Press analysis of households in the 10 biggest economies shows that families continue to spend cautiously and have pulled hundreds of billions of dollars out of stocks, cut borrowing for the first time in decades and poured money into savings and bonds that offer puny interest payments, often too low to keep up with inflation...


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