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NLRB sides with Fla. bus driver in dispute with Durham

In the latest positive development for school bus workers in Santa Rosa County, Fla., a National Labor Relations (NLRB) administrative law judge has ruled in favor of Durham school bus driver Diane Bence, one of the leading voices for the 200-person unit who recently took her case to the board after years of anti-worker behavior and lack of union recognition from the company.

Today's Teamster News 01.08.11

Rahm Emanuel lead grows in Teamsters/Anzalone Liszt Chicago mayoral poll  Chicago Sun-Times   ...Rahm Emanuel is in a solid lead in the first public poll for the Chicago mayoral race taken since the field has shrunk to four major contenders...
Unemployment Falls to 9.4 Percent, but 260,000 Leave Labor Force  CEPR   ...this decline may just be an aberration...

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