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IKEA locks out Teamsters for 8 weeks

Our brothers and sisters in British Columbia are standing strong against IKEA, which locked them out eight weeks ago. The furniture giant made a concessionary contract offer that 84 percent of the workers rejected.

David Halme writes in The Stand that IKEA now wants to bust the union:

IKEA locks out 350 Teamsters in Canada

Our brothers and sisters in Canada are in a tough struggle with IKEA, which has locked them out for a month and tried unsuccessfully to hire replacement workers.

The furniture giant shut down its Richmond, B.C., store for an hour on May 13 after Teamsters rejected their contract offer by an 84 percent margin. It was the third time the 350 Teamster employees had voted down IKEA's offer. 
On June 5, Teamsters Canada tells us: 

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