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Today's Teamster News 03.23.15

Canadian National Railway has recently experienced a troubling spike in train derailments  Reuters   ...Doug Finnson, president of a Teamsters union representing CN Rail's train crews, said he was particularly concerned with the recent Ontario derailments. "We're on the record saying the trains are too long, the cars are too heavy, and the trains go too fast."...

What if they gave a Tea Party and nobody came?

Actually, that's what happened in South Carolina last week.

Columbia's Tea Party chairman, Allen Olson, said he expected as many as 2,000 to show up a rally last Thursday at the Statehouse because Donald Trump would be there.

The Donald stood them up, however. And The State newspaper ran a delicious photo of Nikki Haley speaking on the Statehouse steps to exactly two lonely Tea Partiers. You can see it here.

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