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Today's Teamster News 07.06.14

Southern California port truck drivers loading up on wage-theft cases  Los Angeles Times   ...the state Department of Industrial Relations has ruled in recent months that nearly 40 drivers were improperly designated as contractors, which denied them significant workplace protections. So far, $4.3 million in back pay and penalties has been awarded to drivers...

Today's Teamster News 03.23.14

Teamster News
Teamsters score a win against “sharecropping on wheels.” But will the trucking industry really change?  Washington Post   ...Along with auto technicians, fast food workers, and baggage handlers, another profession has been hit by the separation of labor from employer: Port truckers, who haul containers from cargo ships on short trips around the terminal...

Savannah port truck driver grosses $60K, keeps $22K

Unorganized port truck drivers work hard for low pay, hustling 16 hours a day for trucking companies that cheat them. 

Organized port truck drivers earn more money, get paid for overtime, have affordable health benefits and job security.

Port drivers fed up with doing the work, while Wal-Mart gets the gravy

Savannah port drivers are reaching out to the community to challenge their status as indentured servants. Like port drivers all over the country, they are misclassified as "independent contractors." Their employers force them into poverty by making them rent and maintain their trucks, and by refusing to pay benefits.

Now, with the help of Teamsters Local 728 in Atlanta, the drivers are fighting back.


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