North America's Strongest Union


Today's Teamster News 11.08.12

The People Who Elected Obama Don't Want Cuts to Social Security and Medicare  Alternet   ...The president should heed the message voters sent as negotiations for a so-called “Grand Bargain” (what white-collar criminologist Bill Black has more properly called a “Grand Betrayal”) heat up in the face of another phony crisis meant to give the fatcats a new shot at redistributing income upward...

Today's Teamster News 11.04.12

Payroll Growth Shows U.S. Labor Market Healing Before Election  Bloomberg   ...The broad-based job gains -- from positions at car dealers and hospitals to factories and construction sites -- indicate consumers will likely spend more freely, shoring up the three- year expansion in the face of a global economic slowdown and political gridlock in Washington over taxes and spending...

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