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Today's Teamster News 11.26.12

Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened  Bloomberg   ...the U.S. has gone through two recoveries. The 1.2 million households whose incomes put them in the top 1 percent of the U.S. saw their earnings increase 5.5 percent last year, according to estimates released last month by the U.S. Census Bureau. Earnings fell 1.7 percent for the 96 million households in the bottom 80 percent -- those that made less than $101,583...

Unions lead huge protests in Spain

Spain is imploding. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets, furious at the government for 24 percent unemployment, falling wages and rising taxes.

Half of all Spanish youth are out of work and middle-class families are lining up at food pantries, reports The Telegraph.

Today's Teamster News 06.16.12

Spanish coal miners clash with police  al-Jazeera   ...Striking coal miners armed with homemade rockets and slingshots have clashed with police in northern Spain, leaving seven people injured, two of them seriously, the Interior Ministry said. The strike is the latest and the most violent of many in Spain in reaction to harsh austerity measures aimed at digging the debt-burdened country out of its financial crisis...


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