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Today's Teamster News 08.09.12

Chinese telecoms giants are taking over the world. Should we be scared?  informed comment   ...Huawei is not yet a household name in the UK – for one thing, there is confusion over how to pronounce it – but the Chinese telecommunications giant is spreading its reach around the world. But accompanying its global expansion are worrying whispers of covert surveillance and espionage...

Today's Teamster News 07.30.12

Mexico Violence: Unidentified Bodies, Missing Cases Mount  Huffington Post   ...nearly 16,000 bodies remain unidentified, says the National Human Rights Commission, an independent government agency. In total, 24,000 people have been reported missing. Many say the country's police are simply overwhelmed by the number of drug war casualties as they struggle with poor forensic capabilities and the reluctance of some witnesses and victims' relatives to help...

Today's Teamster News 07.19.12

Senate set to vote on Stabenow's Bring Jobs Home Act  MLive   ...The "Bring Jobs Home Act," which is No. 1 on President Barack Obama's "to do" list, would pay American companies for businesses costs – and provide a 20 percent credit on expenses – when they close operations abroad and bring work back to the U.S. It would also close a "loophole" that allows employers to obtain a tax credit when shutting down operations here and shipping jobs overseas...


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