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Today's Teamster News 09.19.14

Teamster News
Teamsters Call On FedEx To Stop Paying Personal Taxes For Executives   ...ISS, the country’s leading proxy voting advisor, has recommended that shareholders vote for a Teamsters-sponsored shareholder proposal at FedEx [NYSE: FDX] that calls on the board of directors to eliminate the practice of paying the personal taxes owed on restricted stock awards on behalf of CEO Fred Smith and other named executive officers...

Today's Teamster News 09.08.14

INTA Committee Chief sets ‘red lines’ for TTIP – ahead of EP rentrée   ...Bernd Lange, the head of the EP’s international trade committee, made explicit his ’red lines’ for the ongoing transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) negotiations. He added that he would settle for a much less ambitious trade deal than the one currently planned...
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