Bright Lights, Big Contracts


The Teamsters represent more than 5,000 casino workers from coast-to-coast, making sure that those who work hard while America plays hard are rewarded with fair pay and benefits.

In Las Vegas, for example, Local 986 continues its work growing union membership. These workers include those working the front desk, call centers and warehouse, as well as gardeners, florists, laborers, valet attendants, self-parking attendants, parking cashiers, bellmen, limo drivers, shuttle drivers and dispatchers.

Since 2016, union density in Teamster positions on the Las Vegas Strip has increased from 50 percent to 90 percent. This increase in density through organizing victories has brought first-time contracts with improved wages, benefits, working conditions and “just cause” language for job security. And the Teamsters continue to organize on the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas as new jobs are created and properties are built.

The story is the same elsewhere. Whether it’s organizing at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino in Massachusetts or other gaming facilities across the country, the Teamsters are committed to helping workers join together and bargain for higher pay, better benefits and a safer work environment.

Don’t depend on luck – become part of a union that is ready to fight for casino workers!

Interested in joining the Teamsters? Let us contact you!

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