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Teamsters Local 683 Welcomes 7UP Members

They sell 7UP products to supermarkets and shops, but they didn’t need to be sold on joining the Teamsters. By more than a 2 to 1 margin, 18 account managers with 7UP in the San Diego area recently voted to join Teamsters Local 683.

About 80 drivers, merchandisers and warehouse workers with the company had already been members of Local 683 for 30-plus years. And for 25 years, the account managers had been nonunion. Meanwhile, the account managers’ wages had stagnated. Looking around, they noticed they weren’t treated as well as their Teamster co-workers.

“This is a monumental victory for these workers and it sends a clear message to the soft drink industry that other sales folks need and want union representation,” said Todd Mendez, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 683.

Every day for the past nine years, Juan Zamorano has traveled throughout the San Diego area, selling 7UP products to stores. He said his co-workers all had their reasons for joining the Teamsters, including, “pay, benefits and the way we are treated.”

As for why he wanted to become a Teamster, Zamorano simply said, “I did it for the respect.”

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