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DC Taxi Association Members - Call To Action

A move by the DC City Council to destroy competition between private sedans and taxis needs to be stopped.

DC Councilmember Mary Cheh has introduced a bill (#20-0753)

The proposed bill is unfair and will undercut your livelihood by giving Private Sedans such as UBERX, Sidecar, and Lyft an unfair advantage over taxi service!

D.C. Taxi Drivers' Voices Are Being Heard

Over the past few months, Washington, D.C. taxi drivers have joined together with the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association, affiliated with Teamsters Local 922, for one strong voice. Drivers and the association have knocked on the doors of D.C. City Council members. They have written letters, sent emails, and made phone calls. They have rallied and marched on Mayor Vincent Gray’s office. They have made their voices heard!


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