DOT Complaint Hotline

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The Department of Transportation has established a hotline for real or potential violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

To file a safety violation report, please call the toll-free hotline (888)-368-7238 or (888)-DOT-SAFT.  Those filing reports are assured that their reports will be followed by investigation, and, if necessary, corrective action will be ordered.

When filing a report the following information is necessary:

Drivers are fully protected by law against being discharged, disciplined, or discriminated against regarding compensation, terms, or privileges of employment because of filing a report.  For more information about these rights please refer to the IBT Safety and Health Fact Sheet entitled, “Section 405 and The Right To Refuse Dangerous Work.”

A complaint form is available on the Internet at the Teamster web page ( or at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s web page ( if drivers would like to fax or mail a completed form.

For more information, please contact the IBT Safety and Health Department.